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$XP Staking Pools

Wallet addresses that held 10,000 $XP or above at our first-ever snapshot event on March 26, 2022 08:00:00 UTC are guaranteed a spot in the upcoming $XP staking pool.

Along with the new staking rate increments and bonus rates, users will be able to earn secondary tokens throughout the entire staking period.

Based on the tentative APR of 18%, the bonus rates for eligible participants are as below (rate will be finalised at the end of April):

$XP Bonus Rate Total APR
Tier 1 10,000 +4% 22%
Tier 2 30,000 +8% 26%
Tier 3 50,000 +10% 28%
Note: you will need to hold the required XP at the time of the snapshot event and at the $XP Staking Event to enjoy the bonus rate

Please contact us on Telegram or Discord if you have any questions