1.) When will the game be available?
The Alpha/Beta version of the game will be released in the fourth quarter of 2021.
2.) What is the roadmap of PolkaFantasy?
Our team has already completed the development of our NFT wallet and will soon be introducing the Alpha version of our amazing NFT marketplace! The development of our next generation NFT Game is progressing well on its way to completion and its exciting launch. Stay tuned, heroes!
3.) What does $XP stand for? What is its use-case?
$XP stands for Experience Point. It's like what you get from RPG games.
4.) Does your company plan to expand into other chains?
PolkaFantasy is multi-chain. We are planning to integrate on Ethereum, Polygon, BSC, Solana, Polkadot and even Cardano later, in order to maximise the user base in the future and thus the huge demand of our native token $XP.
5.) What role does the $XP token play in the ecosystem? What are the benefits of holding it?
$XP is a true governance token. Our $XP token can be used to vote for your favorite artists in order to increase their exposure and to help them to get noticed. Users may also be able to use their $XP to get great discounted NFTs occasionally, depending on the promotions and events being held. To create and build a more engaging space and community, the PolkaFantasy team will use $XP as a reward and will be distributed to platform users. Last but not least, $XP will be used as in-game currency as well as to fuel more excitement and surprises through the creation of more amazing things in the marketplace and games.
6.) What are the attractive features in your project? What is the vision and goals in your project that you want to achieve in 2021 and beyond?
PolkaFantasy contains a whole ecosystem of Blockchain game, NFT marketplace and wallet.

And with the amazing play-to-earn system rolling out in 2021, we expect to see an organic growth in our game. With a good integration with other NFT projects and games, we want to build a one-stop shop for all kinds of NFT gamers.
7.) Apart from the Japanese-themed characters, what is the biggest difference between PolkaFantasy and other NFTs?
PolkaFantasy team has a strong background in games and blockchain, and we really want to build the next generation of blockchain games. We will implement a system that is very unique in GameFi, and it will provide many opportunities for players and investors.

The $XP token will also have many utilities in the future to contribute in the token economics.

PolkaFantasy NFT utility is not limited to NFT markets and games too. Just like the realization of cross-chain in the blockchain, PolkaFantasy is promoting cross-functional NFTs. In other words, utility is the key to our NFT, and we hope to see the ultilities of our NFT contributing something great to our community. "Experience-based NFT" is the key word in our NFT.
8.) Why PolkaFantasy is a useful blockchain solution to a non-existing problem?
PolkaFantasy is like no other. It is a marketplace that focuses on the Japanese ACG (animation, comic, game), a market worth billions of dollars in Japan. While there are huge fan bases for ACG, there are no other competitors in the same sector. Our team has worked day and night to study and analyse the market. We have also reflected inside ourselves and found the passion that enables us to deliver the product we love to use.
9.) How will PolkaFantasy ensure the NFTs that are manufactured, issued and traded on its platform are valuable and successful, and what strategies will PolkaFantasy use to make them competitive in this fierce market?
Market condition, business strategy, and operations may matter, but passion and understanding of the business matters most in many cases. We believe that passion matters the most in any project.
10.) What is the play-to-earn mechanism in PolkaFantasy?
We have learned a lot from other popular "play-to-earn" games in the market. In PolkaFantasy, we are humbled to stand on the shoulders of other giants. Our "play-to-earn" model will have similar concepts with other games in the market such as rewards after battle, land battles, and ‘breeding’ (it’s something very different though) etc. Of course, we will have more functions in our mechanism. Our target is to make a game for the community which means the entry hurdle must be low, so that people can join easily and scale up the community.
11.) Is PolkaFantasy only targeting people who are interested in "hikkomori" Japanese comics, animations and games ?
PolkaFantasy believes that most people at one point in their lifetime have enjoyed some form of Japanese animation, comic, or game. But, we are surprised to find that most NFT marketplaces only focus on crypto & Western arts, and we found that a marketplace is missing for serving the Japanese ACG (animation, comic, game) community. Therefore, PolkaFantasy is a platform that welcomes anyone wanting to take part in it.
12.) Have any well-known institutions invested in PolkaFantasy?
We have many great well know investors to support us.
For instance, PMON investor MorningStar Ventures, Axie Infinity investor SkyVision Capital, Evernew Capital (which formed Solana ecofund) etc. are close backers of this project.

In fact, our official website only shows less than one-third of our investors, and this will give the scope of how much support we get from the community. We are humbled to have their support.
13.) What strategy does PolkaFantasy use to attract new users and investors as well as maintaining a long-term relationship?
PolkaFantasy is all about communities, fun & passion. We want to create non-stop moments of excitement and delight through a marketplace that people are passionate about.

This is not just a platform; it's a world for people to re-discover and immerse themselves into. It's the reason we have put a lot of emphasis on user experience: an experience that is unique to each member, and therefore valuable to them.

Also, we are going into ACG culture with blockchain elements or we are bringing ACG culture to the blockchain space. Either way, we are the first movers who try to merge both worlds. If done right, the community will be able to enjoy the amazing value/utilities that both worlds bring together. This is a value proposition that makes our project strong and impactful in the long run. We believe this grand vision, and we truly believe smart community members like you will see it too.
14.) Did the team conduct an audit for the project and what security measure did you put in place as insurance in case of possible security comprise?
Our system and smart contracts are built by professional developers which have many years of experience in the BlockChain industry. They understand every detail to build the robust system for our project.

In addition, our smart contracts will be audited by professional audit firms. We would have a good third-party approval of our professionally developed system/smart contracts.

For more comprehensive security, we have our tech team to monitor the project 24/7. We are determined to discover any irregularites as soon as possible and protect users with our immediate deployment of fix/solution.
15.) Do you have plans to burn your tokens in the future to reduce the supply of tokens and increase their investment attractiveness?
We do no have any buring mechanism at this moment, because our total token supply is indeed very low at 200M tokens.

Besides, we will have a very robust system to maximize the utilities of the token. Therefore, we don't need a burning mechanism to maintain the attractiveness of the token. This is because our business model will be strong enough to maintain a strong demand of the token and make it very attractive in the long term.

Our initial market cap is quite low at just under 400K. We hope that these are some magical numbers which investors will see true value in.