Auction Participants Exclusive Presale
27 Oct 2021 11:00AM UTC

PolkaFantasy's second Land Sale is happening! This second stage is open exclusively to participants from our previous NFT auction sale from October 27, 2021 at 11AM UTC until October 29, 2021 11AM UTC.

To purchase Fantasy Lands, make contributions to the wallet address. below.
For this presale, only USDT (ERC-20 on Ethereum Chain) contributions are accepted.

Your single contribution should be the exact price of the land you desire to purchase. Contributions cannot be combined. The number of contributions would represent the number of lands you wish to purchase as well (Except Full Combo). For detailed instructions and disclaimer, please Click here.

All types of lands are separated into 3 tiers
The standard rank would be a single tile. The next size up is the S-rank which combines 4 tiles of land in a 2x2 format. The SS-rank offers more space in a 3x3 tile format and has the highest benefit among them all.

The rank of the land you purchase refers to its size and benefits. For example, a purchase of 4 common lands from the standard rank would not be guaranteed location benefits. Instead, the lands could be spread across the realms of PolkaFantasy. While the lands are not tied together, no additional benefits and boosting effects would be given for battles and upgrades.

On the other hand, S rank offers 4 tiles of land, offering geographical advantages and higher boosting percentages. As SS rank is a 3x3 combination of 9 tiles, gamers will be entitled to the best locational advantages and the highest percentages of boosting among these three tiers.
If any tiers are being sold out during the event, we would make an announcement through our social channels imminently and would not accept contributions further from the moment we announce the news. If we still receive contributions when the land tier is sold out, we would pull stocks from our reserve and still distribute the NFT accordingly.
Check our Official Twitter for land supply updates!
Exclusive Access to Ultra-Rare Land Editions
Participants of this pre-sale event will have the privilege to purchase UR editions of Fantasy lands. The UR editions will only be released once for this pre-sale event. The UR editions are ordinary lands but with extraordinary collection value, because participants are only given one chance to collect these one-and-only editions of lands.
Please be reminded that UR versions are special versions for cosmetic collection value only. If you are a collector, you can’t miss this one-time opportunity!
S Rank
SS Rank
Purchase a full combo (1 Legendary + 1 Epic + 1 Rare + 1 Common) with a single contribution of $12,900 USDT (ERC-20 on Ethereum), you will also receive a secret NFT! This offer is only for a single contribution of $12,900, separate contributions will not be taken into consideration.

If you make a $20,900 USDT (ERC-20 on Ethereum) purchase of a full UR combo (1 UR Legendary + 1 UR Epic + 1 UR Rare + 1 UR Common), a secret UR NFT will be distributed together! This UR offer is only valid for a single contribution of $20,900. While supplies last.
Discounted Full Combos for Buyers in First 10 Minutes
A single bid of $10,000 USDT in the first 10 minutes of the pre-sale event will be guaranteed an exclusive bundle: 1 Legendary + 1 Epic + 1 Rare + 1 Common and one Secret NFT (valued at $12,900). One wallet address can only secure a maximum of 3 bundles.

If you place a single bid of $17,000 USDT during the first 10 minutes of the pre-sale event, an exclusive bundle of UR Fantasy Lands: 1 UR Legendary + 1 UR Epic + 1 UR Rare + 1 UR Common and one UR NFT (valued at $20,900) will be guaranteed.
Note that one wallet address will only be eligible to purchase 2 discounted UR bundles at maximum.
  • Presale Period: 27 Oct 2021, 11:00 AM UTC - 29 Oct 2021, 11:00 AM UTC
  • To meet the requirements, make sure that you use the same wallet as in previous auction. If you have an issue with your previous wallet, please contact the team.
  • Purchases placed outside this period will be not counted or refunded.
  • Each transaction is counted as one entry, even if the fund is sent from the same address.
  • Purchase is final once sent. No refunds.
  • Purchase is not adjustable or withdrawn.
  • DO NOT send funds from an exchange address. Funds from exchange addresses are not counted as we cannot track them.
Nft Presale has ended
Price: 10,000 USDT
Tile Size: 1x1
Supply: 140
  • Add unique buildings and institutions on Land
  • Land owners can unlock special game assets, buildings, and characters
  • Expeditions
+ All utilities in Common, Rare & Epic Tiers
Price: 2,000 USDT
Tile Size: 1x1
Supply: 220
  • Host contests & giveaways on the land
  • Further efficiency boost on selected features
+ All utilities in Common & Rare tiers
Price: 600 USDT
Tile Size: 1x1
Supply: 325
  • Rent lands to gamers
  • Conduct Training
  • Efficiency boost on selected features
  • Item forging
  • Naming rights
+ All utilities in Common Tier
Price: 300 USDT
Tile Size: 1x1
Supply: 400
  • Clan recruitments, events and battles
  • PvP & PvE
  • Hero buffs
  • Build houses and institutions
  • Level-up
  • Farming