PolkaFantasy In-Game Characters & Items NFT Auction

To celebrate PolkaFantasy's first ever NFT auction, a wide variety of limited edition in-game PolkaFantasy NFTs will be released!

To secure your spot in the leaderboard, place your bid using the wallet address below. For this first auction, only USDT (on Ethereum Chain) contributions are possible.

NFTs will be distributed to the contributing addresses according to the tiers that bids are ranked at the end of the auction. For detailed instructions and disclaimer, please Click here.

Best of luck to all of our heroes!

Auction Rules:
  • Auction Period: 23 Aug 2021, 10:00AM UTC - 30 Aug 2021 10:00AM UTC
  • Bids placed outside the auction period will be not counted or refunded.
  • The minimum bid is 50 USDT. Any bids under 50 USDT is invalid and will not be refunded.
  • Each transaction is counted as one entry, even if the fund is sent from the same address.
  • Bid is final once sent. No refunds.
  • Bid is not adjustable or withdrawn.
  • All bids are placed in one pool. Bids are ranked at the end of the auction, and NFTs are distributed according to the ranking of bids.
  • $XP will be distributed to all NFT holders (Rare Tier or above) when the game launch.
  • Bids of $1,000 or above will guarantee a character (Epic or Rare, depending on final rank of bids)
  • The first 100 bidders with bids of US$1,000 or above will receive Ultra-Rare Edition NFTs (instead of standard version) based on their tiers of bids at the end of auction.
  • Single bid of $250 or above in the common tier will guarantee one of 10 limited edition weapons/items.
  • DO NOT send funds from an exchange address. Funds from exchange addresses are not counted as we cannot track them.
Nft Presale has ended
Minimum 5000 USDT
Given to top 10 heroes
Collection: Exclusive
Receive the blessings of the NFT Goddesses! The top 10 bidders will receive either one of 8 exclusive legendary NFT Goddesses, the first ever PolkaFantasy “Genesis” Land NFT, and a one-of-a-kind limited edition animated XP NFT rewarded to the highest bidder. All NFTs within this tier group come with massive $XP rewards.
Minimum 500 USDT
Given to upper 20% heroes
Collection: 10
Special Editions: 1% (Alt. Skin)
Have the power of the Champions of Astalos at your side! The top 20% of bidders below Tier 1 will receive an exclusive Champion NFT and $XP rewards.
Minimum 250 USDT
Given to the next 20% heroes
Collection: 25 Special Editions: 5% (Alt. Skin)
Join other heroes into battle! The next 20% of bidders below Tier 2 will get their hands on a unique PolkaFantasy Hero NFT and a limited amount of $XP rewards.
Minimum 50 USDT
Given to lower 60% heroes
Collection: 50
The remaining participants that bid $50 or more and did not win any of the other tiers will receive a special NFT weapon to equip to their character in-game.
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